Seaview Add-On Uncut Single Instrument Pod f/Triton2 [SP1BOX2]

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Add-On Uncut Single Instrument Pod for Triton2

5.25" x 5.375" usable face/ hardware to install on pod box

These Seaview boxes also come with a 90 deg NMEA cable connector so the Triton cable will fit!

Add-On Uncut single Instrument Pod, hardware to install on pod box

The Seaview accessory pod (SP1BOX2) can be mounted to Seaview SPOD (sailboat pods) or DPOD (deck pods). These accessory pods gives you the flexibility to mount additional instruments.

Made from high quality marine grade UV resistant ABS plastic and is held together with tamper resistant security screws. A water tight gasket prevents water from intruding into the pod.

Depending on the size of your SPOD or DPOD one to four accessory pods can be mounted.

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