Airmar TM260 Transom Mount 1kW Blue Connector f/Simrad Lowrance [TM260-BL]




TM260 Transom Mount 1kW Blue Connector for Simrad & Lowrance

Fits: Navico units with 7-Pin Blue Connectorn

nPowerful, Yet Sensitive! The TM260 takes the legendary performance of the B260 to your vessel’s transom. This top-of-the-line, broadband, transom-mount brings crystal clear imaging to any of today’s fishfinders. The large, 200 kHz element and the seven-element, 50 kHz array are excellent for bait and game fish separation along with detecting ground fish holding tight to the bottom. The TM260’s rugged mounting bracket is easy-to-install and has a streamlined shape that delivers high-speed performance up to 30 knots (35 MPH).


  • Transom-Mount, Urethane Housingn
  • Depth and Temperaturen
  • Maximum Depth Range: 50 kHz— 529 m to 735 m (1,800’ to 2,500’), 200 kHz—206 m to 294 m (700’ to 1,000’) 
  • Boat Size: 8 m to 12 m (25’ to 40’)n
  • Top-of-the-line narrow-beam transom-mountn
  • Designed for bottom fishingn
  • Wide 19° beam at 50 kHzn
  • Narrow 6° beam at 200 kHzn
  • Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kW soundern
  • Cable length: 10m (33 ft)n
  • Kick-up assembly locks in the “up” position and will not damage the transomn
  • Accommodates transom angles between 3° and 21°

Fishing Applications:n

  • Blue-water trolling using 50 kHzn
  • Deep-water bottom and wreck fishing up to 800 m (2,625')


  • Mounting Style: Transom
  • Cable Length (Feet): 10m

Quick Guide (pdf)

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